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Private Sector Action to Secure Community Land Rights

Land Tenure and Sustainability

Commodity supply chains and investments are increasingly linked to rural developing countries where land tenure is unclear and insecure. However, supporting secure land tenure represents an opportunity for companies and investors to reduce business risks and to contribute to the livelihoods and the well-being of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. The Interlaken Group creates opportunities for communities, civil society, and committed private sector stakeholders to work together as willing partners in securing community land rights.

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Our Mission

The Interlaken Group is an informal network of individual leaders from influential companies, CSOs, investors, governments, and international organizations. The purpose of the Group is to expand and leverage private sector action to secure community land rights. Together they develop, adopt, and disseminate new tools, advance “pre-competitive” mechanisms to accelerate private sector learning on responsible land rights practices, and convene in-country deliberations to facilitate and strengthen security of tenure.

Who We Are

The Interlaken Group Steering Committee
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Andy White

Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)

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Robin Barr

Earthworm Foundation

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Mark Constantine

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

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Chloe Christman


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Natasha Schwarzbach

Pepsi Co.

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Respecting Land and Forest Rights: A Guide for Companies

An introduction to aligning your operations with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure

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Community Monitoring Resources Hub

Materials for those interested in working together to collect and share locally-sourced data to improve due diligence and local social and environmental outcomes.

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