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The Interlaken Group is an informal network of individual leaders from influential companies, investors, CSOs, government and international organizations. The purpose of the Group is to expand and leverage private sector action to secure community land rights. Together they develop, adopt and disseminate new tools and advance new “pre-competitive” mechanisms to accelerate private sector learning on responsible land rights practices.

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In fight for secure land rights, corporations and communities find common ground

7 September 2017

Conflicts over land rights are on the rise around the world, as resource exploitation pits corporations against local and indigenous groups. The Interlaken Group wants to reverse the trend by having corporations, investors, international NGOs and land rights activists sit down at the same table to actively seek solutions. Can it work?

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1. Our Vision

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2. Emerging Corporate and Investor Practice to Support Community Land Rights

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3. Land Legacy Issues

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4. Respecting Land & Forest Rights: An Introduction

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