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Interlaken Group Maturity Matrix

A matrix to measure the impact of the Interlaken Group as a mechanism to facilitate private sector action to promote responsible investment that secures community land rights.

Guidance and Tools


A system which helps companies and investors in emerging and frontier markets assess tenure risk at project, supply chain or portfolio level by analyzing geospatial data about social, environmental and political issues

Institutional Information

Vision, Purpose, and Organization of the Interlaken Group

The Interlaken Group’s vision and commitment to work with all parties—including companies, governments, investors, international development institutions, Indigenous Peoples, communities, and civil society—to scale-up and implement global efforts to secure collective land rights on the ground


Tenure and Investment in Southeast Asia

This document provides an empirical picture of the causes and effects of tenure-related disputes between private sector actors and local peoples across Southeast Asia.

Guidance and Tools

Land Legacy Issues

This guidance provides operational guidance for companies confronting legacy land issues


Tenure and Investment in Africa

This synthesis of findings from an investigation of tenure risk in East, West, and Southern Africa shows that a majority of tenure disputes are caused by the displacement of local peoples, indicating that companies and investors are not doing enough to understand competing claims to the land they acquire or lease.

Guidance and Tools

Interactive VGGT Guide


Background Document on Guidance to Corporates on the Practical Application of the CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure (VGGT)


Communities as Counterparties

Preliminary Review of Concessions and Conflict in Emerging and Frontier Market Concessions, Prepared by TMP Systems, October 2014


Global Capital, Local Concessions

A Data-Driven Examination of Land Tenure Risk and Industrial Concessions in Emerging Market Economies. Prepared by TMP Systems, September 2013


The Financial Risks of Insecure Land Tenure

An Investment View, Prepared by TMP Systems, December 2012

Guidance and Tools

LandMark (Beta)

A global mapping platform providing critical information on the collective land and resource rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities