May 27, 2020

Statement from the Interlaken Group on COVID-19

Collective action by companies, governments, and civil society is essential to mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on workers, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, the environment, and to support economic recovery. The crisis also poses significant risks to ensuring transparent and accountable supply chains and investments. Corporate, investor, civil society, indigenous, and community leaders participating in the Interlaken Group are especially concerned by escalating threats to land rights and environmental defenders, new communication barriers between communities and advocates, economic threats to upstream supply chains, and the suspension of normal auditing and certification processes. The Interlaken Group is committed to using its platform to ensure that land rights are respected in global supply chains at this time, and that this challenging moment is used as an opportunity to further advance principles of respect, transparency, partnership, and accountability. The Group calls for response and recovery efforts that are inclusive, rights-based, gender sensitive, and that strengthen commitment to sustainable investments, business models, and supply chains.